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Lingerie and Sleepwear Designer Labels

Ladies Chamber

Adjoining a Lady's Boudoir (where one is dressed by her staff) is a Ladies Chamber.... her bedroom!


Boudoir's Ladies Chamber indulges every woman's desire to be feminine & sexy!


Flattering designs, gorgeous colours, divine fabrics & trimmings. Beautiful bras & panty's, suspenders, garters, corsets, negligees & gowns.


Boudoir's Ladies Chamber is where you will find those high-end fashion underlovelies that have been transformed into easy-to-wear, easy-to-wash works of art.


No longer "unmentionables" as in Grandmas day, lovely lingerie is like perfume, it is a signature of your individual personality, enhancing a ladies femininity, confidence & charm.

Boudoir's Ladies Chamber,
secret women's business!